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Equipped with a 1.5 meter Advent Newswift dish and a 200 Watt Xicom amplifier (output 180 Watt), it's powerful enough to uplink on most satellites. (Eirp: 64 dBm)
HD (Option) is also possible, but on hot satellites, like most Intelsat and Atlantic Bird satellites.
Eutelsat reg. code: HOL302

A dometic aircon unit cools the equipment racks and the drivers compartment.

The truck is completely re-wired and refurbished in 2012.

Fitted with 2x 2000 Watt Victron UPS for at least 30 minutes back up so you can swith to alternate power without loss of signal.

Wall power and internal Fisher Panda P5000 Generator as back up.



Also a 10 channel AC power distribution (10 amp fuse each)





The truck is now equipped with one Advent encoder for SD embedded video.

It can do DVB-S and DVB-S2 encoding and receiving.
Biss encryption and 4 channels embedded audio.


Instant availability!

SD single path, 4:2:0 and 4:2:2
1x SD Advent SD 5000 series with Biss, DVB-S2, 8-PSK, Dolby AC3, 4 audio pairs.

Black Magic SDI Switcher (SD and HD).

1.5 meter dish
1x Xicom 200 Watt.
1x SD IRD Mpeg-2
1x IFB GSM line
2x 220 Ah UPS (battery power supply)
1x talkback unit
1x RTM level indicators
Spectrum analyzer
1x 100 meter multi cable drums with HD SDI cables and multi audio cable for SD and HD lives.

Truck Information:

2009 Mercedes Sprinter 313
Eutelsat Reg No: HOL 302

1x Tandberg SD and HD Mpeg-2 E5788 with Biss, RAS, DVB-S2, 8-PSK, Dolby AC3 and Audlin 2, 4 audio pairs.

Equipment list PDF (download)




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